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Hi, I’m Taqi, I founded Takkicat in 2018 as a university student, with the initial goal of providing local feline genetic testing for pedigree cat breeders in New Zealand. Through this endeavour of helping support best breeding practice, I was introduced to the magnificent breed of Ragdolls which saw me quickly fall in love with these majestic cats!

Unfortunately, this is also when I learned about the dreadful reality of poor breeding practices followed by unethical breeders. I since made it a mission to put love at the centre of breeding these special cats for everyone to enjoy. My study saw me move to Australia in 2020 where I trained as a cardiac researcher at the University of Sydney. I was joined by my gorgeous cats who are a cherished part of my family and come from top breeding lines in New Zealand and the USA. Our pedigrees can be traced back all the way to the original ragdolls of Ann Baker from the 1960s!


My love for cats and animals in general is something that goes back much before I founded Takkicat Ragdolls. As a child, I always shared a special bond with animals and took a keen interest in nursing strays back to health. I found my shared experiences with them to be one of the most fulling and rewarding parts of life. For this reason, I donate a portion of every kitten adoption fee to animal rescue and welfare work for the less fortunate fur babies in the world.

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